Vector Pricing


Our high quality vector pricing starts with just $8 . We tend to meet our honorable client’s budget and preferences. However, we meet our client’s requirements by providing them with the top quality vector art services.

Our simple designs at just $8:

-Designs will contain only 1-2 colors.

-Designs will be simple silhouette.

Our Average designs at just $18:

-Designs will be of multi colors but of limited colors.

-They will be greater than the basic designs.

Our Intermediate designs at just $25:

-Designs will be multicolored.

-Designs will be detail oriented.

Our complex designs at just $40:

-Designs will be highly detailed.

-Tricky color options will be available such as shading within the design.

Our realistic designs at just $70:

-Designs will be highly defined, detailed art.

– Designs will contain color gradation and definition of the highest degree.

-Design will contain facial features.


Color separation at just $10 (Flat rate)

We charge $10 for color separation. (If required)