Our WorkFlow


Start your journey with StitchDigitizing by registering with no cost. You’ve just to verify with email or call after that you’ll be provided with the easiness to get your digitizing needs fulfilled.


After you’re done with the registration process then you can now ask for free unlimited quotes. Our dedicated and kind team will contact you ASAP. You can contact us anytime. There is no limitation of time, so feel free to contact us anytime. We’re 24/7 ready to help you out.


We’re sure that you’ll be impressed with our highly economical quote or with our portfolio. You can easily place your order by filling the order form online. Make sure to fill each and every box with care and provide us with all the information required. If you’ve got anything else to ask or to say then you can do it by typing it down in the additional box.


Once we receive your order then the design will be digitized according to the information provided by our experienced and professional digitizers. If there is some information which isn’t provided or any quires from our end then we’ll contact you in order to provide you with your desired design.


As our digitizers are really experienced and we completely understand that each project is different from the other and our management choose the best digitizer who is suitable for that particular project.


Once the digitizers are decided by our management then our creative digitizers show their magic! They firstly understand the design and after that do a proper planning for the whole digitization process. So, we’re able to provide you with the flawless end product with the fastest turnaround.


When we’re done with the digitization then our experts look over every aspect of the final design and make sure it is perfect. They also make some revisions if necessary. When they’re satisfied with the design then the design is sent to the embroidery operation department to test the actual embroidery file and to make sure that it will run smoothly onto your embroidery machine without a single thread break. We make sure that you’re provided with the exact design that you submitted.


After the design is completely examined and we’re completely satisfied with the production then the design file is sent to its respective owner through specified email. Once you receive the design file you just need to download it and use it right away for the machine embroidery process.


Our customers are able to pay for the services through their debit cards or credit cards, PayPal or even with wire transfer. If there is any more questions then contact us right away. We’ll be glad to help you out.